I start with a solid lesson plan – that’s the first step towards creating engagement in the classroom.

I’ve been in school for years. Undergraduate, graduate, continuing education, corporate training and Doctoral studies. When it became my turn to teach I remembered everything I didn’t like about the teachers and classrooms I had, then worked with whatever was leftover.

Teaching programs come in different formats depending on the subject, material, number of students and how much needs to be learned.

  • Workshops provide students an opportunity to learn new things and engage with the subject matter.
  • Training provides learning, engagement and the time to gain new skills.
  • Coaching provides learning, over time, to apply what students have learned to their work environment.
Kevin Popovic, Teacher

I teach others about the things I know so they can understand what I understand. I teach the processes I have developed over decades of professional experience and that I use today in my professional capacities.

  • Creativity + Innovation 101: Helping People Be More Creative
  • Creativity + Innovation 201: Building Better Teams through Diversity
  • Creativity + Innovation 301: Building Systemic Creativity in the Organization
  • Design Thinking for Business
  • DT4E: Design Thinking for Entrepreneurs
  • Teach the Teachers: Design Thinking for Educators
  • LEAN Design Thinking
  • Storytelling for Business: From Concept to Creation

My style is called EduTainment: One part education, two parts entertainment. Nobody likes to sit in a class and listen to a lecture, but they do like to have fun, and to be entertained. Sure, you’ll have fun, but most importantly you will learn.

Today, I teach at colleges and universities across the country, for organizations and associations across disciplines, and for businesses across verticals.

Interested in learning what I teach?

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