20YEARS Communications by Kevin Popovic

20YEARS Communications: 20 Leaders, 20 Questions, 100’s of Lessons

From 1990 to 2010, communications went through radical change as technological innovation revolutionized the way that we communicate. Opportunities, challenges and uncertainties abounded. Communication converged on a mobile platform and splintered into countless channels and communities simultaneously.

This books presents leading experts perspective on effective communications in this context.

On the 20th anniversary of Ideahaus, I reflected on how much has changed since I got into the communications business, and as I discussed my revelations with colleagues with the same tenure I realized everyone had experiences of their own from their perspective to share as well.

I remember thinking, somebody should record this. And we did. The 20YEARS Project was based on issues selected by senior creative and communications professionals. The project is structured around a series of key questions that explores issues and experiences that all communications professionals encounter in their careers. It also shares with aspiring artists, writers, designers, producers, and strategists some critical insights that reflect the changing styles, strategy, and media of the last 20 years.

Why look back at 20 years of communications?

As we talked about Ideahaus’ anniversary, our original studios, and who got started in the business at the same time, we realized that we all had to make a series of uninformed decisions when we got into the communications business. Some of the dilemmas we faced:

  • Join an agency or start my own?
  • Stick to my art or get a steady job?
  • Go client-side or stay in production?
  • Stay at home or get out of town?

When I asked my colleagues how it has all worked out for them, I began to uncover startling stories and endless retrospective insights, and I realized that we had to record this knowledge. Notable communications professionals from every discipline have been invited to participate in 20YEARS and to speak from their vantage points. Each panelist has been in the business for at least 20 years and are accomplished in their space.

Some key details to stress: First, this is about communications-all types of communications. Advertising, marketing, design, public relations, multimedia, events – all of them. When I started my agency, it was about communications. Twenty years later, it’s about communications.

Traditionally, a lot of these things have been treated as though they are worlds apart. I believe this project will show how much more we all have in common, how we all fit together, how we are all really trying to do the same thing – and that’s help somebody communicate to somebody else. – kp

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