A View From The Top by Kevin Popović

A View From The Top: The Evolution of Marketing & The Customer Journey

Leaders from 30 of the largest brands gathered in San Francisco to speak candidly about Marketing at The Incite Summit West.

This is what they had to say.

When I was invited to write this book, I was interested in the level of information that would be provided by the speakers who would shape the program. Upon investigation, I quickly learned that the contributors were senior-level and accomplished, but most importantly, I saw that they were all very active in the development and delivery of the work on behalf of their organizations.

These speakers were not sitting in the ivory tower – they were leading their troops into battle – and they were winning. Each of the stories I heard throughout the conference was interesting – I love good stories – and they were all real. No widgets, no fake companies, no mythical cities. Each story had real people doing real things, and I learned something from each one.

As an introduction to this summit, I think this is important for the context of the information provided. This is straight from the people who are living the trends we have heard about, and I believe their stories can help prepare us for many of the challenges coming up on our horizon.

I encourage you to read each of these stories in this event summary to gain “a view from the top” of this summit that is timely and relevant. With more learning from what is working for others we can each gain a greater understanding of how we prepare for what comes next. – kp

DownloadA View From The Top: The Evolution of Marketing and the Customer Journey” by Kevin Popovic. Written for The Incite Summit:West.