Creativity + Innovation

Creativity and innovation are integral to an organization’s ability to survive and thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.

Creativity + Innovation provides people, teams and leaders with an understanding of how creativity and innovation can be facilitated and managed in a work setting to create systemic creativity throughout the organization.

Students will learn about theoretical conceptualizations of creativity and innovation as well as practical applications involved in generating and implementing ideas in the workplace. Students will be expected to play an active role in learning through games, exercises, class discussions, dialogue, and presentations about real (or planned) innovations in the organization.

Creativity + Innovation by Kevin Popovic

Adapted for the corporate environment, Creativity + Innovation offers insight into developing creativity at three critical levels.

C+I 101: Individuals: Helping people understand their creative profile and personal climate to help develop more their abilities to contribute.

C+I 201: Teams: Teaching teams how to understand competition versus collaboration in order to leverage diversity and work better in a local climate.

C+I 301: Organizations: Building a global climate that fosters and supports systemic creativity for individuals and teams that contribute towards its success.

Businesses all over the globe in every vertical are using Creativity + Innovation to create new solutions for their customers, companies and communities—using empathy to help develop programs, sketching ideas to communicate, and working with each other to innovate new tools and processes for challenges. These efforts are helping employees at all levels become agents of change within their organizations, generating new ideas and driving new small- and large-scale innovations.

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