How Creativity Can Change the World, One Bad Drawing at a Time

How Creativity Can Change the World, One Bad Drawing at a Time

Everybody is creative, to some degree, in one way or another. The degree is often determined by the level of creativity attained as a child and the positive feedback you had during those formative years drawing ponies for your mom’s refrigerator.

In fact, 98% of children measure as divergent thinkers – people who can generate a volume of ideas in a short amount of time. Yet only 2% of adults score as divergent thinkers.

So, the question poses itself, what happened to their creativity?

In my TEDx presentation, “How Creativity Can Change the World, One Bad Drawing at a Time,” I explain what happened to develop the creativity in us as children. I also explore the common path to losing our creativity, over time, and things we can do to bring it back into our personal and professional lives.

Entertaining lessons are intermixed with a series of exercises that provide proof to the attendees that they are still creative, and teach a simple process to generate new ideas using visual thinking. Citing examples of innovative things that came from bad drawings, this presentation shows how something as simple a sketch can start a conversation that can turn into the next big thing.

  • Key Message: You have the ability to change your world.
  • Exercises to break down barriers between people.
  • Lessons about where creativity comes from and what happens to it over time.
  • Game: The difference between competition and collaboration.
  • The value of divergent thinking, the downside of convergent thinking.
  • How to improve your own creativity.
  • Examples: Bad drawings that changed the world.
  • Call to Action: Take control of your life: Sketch, talk, do.

Try This For Yourself – It Works!

Get a small group of people together to try this 15:00 exercise at home, school or work. Each person should have a partner to work with. You’ll each need a few pieces of blank paper and a pen or pencil. When everyone is ready, click “play” on the video to experience the presentation for the first time just like the audience at TEDx.

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