I write to share my understanding of a subject, and my process to teach others how to do what I do.

When I started my career I read every book I could find on creativity and communications – especially those with a process. I did what I did creatively because it made sense to me. I was interested in how other people created and even more interested to learn why.

My books all have a structure that makes sense to me. They have a beginning a middle and an end. The all have an abundance of learning inside, something my father, a former Professor of Marketing and business consultant, called “content rich.” I wrote the words (with the help of an editor), I designed the graphics, and I designed the cover. I share this because I want you to know I know this content inside and out, from cover to cover.

20YEARS Communications: 20 Leaders, 20 Questions, 100’s of Lessons

In 20Years Communications, 20 leaders in every channel of communications answer 20 questions about the evolution of the industry. Each leader provides insight to where they believe communications was and is going, consequently giving established view points.

Published by Transmedia, 20Years Communications is ideal for the classroom, great for team building, and also great for professional communicators to expand their perspective.

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Satellite Marketing: Using Social Media to Create Engagement

Identifying opportunities for social media within integrated marketing communications, Satellite Marketing outlines a proven process to help you create an actionable strategic plan based on measurable goals. It provides business owners, CEOs, CMOs, and sales people with a comprehensive strategy for leveraging new media and integrating it with conventional marketing tactics.

Published by CRC Press, Satellite Marketing explains why successful marketing has evolved from product-centric to customer-centric. It presents valuable lessons learned from established communications channels that apply to social media.

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A View From The Top: The Evolution of Marketing & The Customer Journey

Leaders from 30 of the largest brands gathered in San Francisco to speak candidly about Marketing at The Incite Summit West. These speakers were not sitting in the ivory tower – they were leading their troops into battle – and they were winning.

Published by Incite Summit: West, A View From The Top shares insights straight from the people who are living the trends we have heard about, and I believe their stories can help prepare us for many of the challenges coming up on our horizon.

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Creating Engagement in the Classroom: Understanding the Challenges of the Modern Day Learning Environment

Co-authored by students and professors—Creating Engagement in the Classroom sparks constructive conversations about an antiquated education system. This book shows teachers how to create engagement, and that students want to be more involved in their education.

Published by CourseKey, Creating Engagement in the Classroom shares shows that by leveraging technology for education, we can support the efforts of our teachers and increase the potential for this result.

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Attitudes on the use of social media in healthcare communications.

Social media has become a mainstay of communication between business-to-business and business-to-consumer endeavors. However, lacking is a fair and balanced discussion of the risks and benefits of utilization and implementation, in particular, within healthcare communications. Our research objective is to assess current attitudes of healthcare, pharmaceutical, and life sciences executives on the topic.

Read the journal article in the Journal of Communication in Healthcare, Vol. 6 (1), 22-28.

Tweeting @DoctorWelby: Practical examples of social media in healthcare.

his paper examines high yield opportunities for healthcare and healthcare-related companies to consider when evaluating the potential for social media within their integrated marketing communication plans. There is a considerable and justifiable amount of perceived risk for any healthcare organization when evaluating the potential rewards that this direct channel could provide. The lack of a clear position or guidance by the FDA on the use of these tools in promotion complicates the adoption process for most organizations.

Read the journal article in the Journal of Communication in Healthcare, Vol. 3 (3), 138-151.